Jolly good show: … Click on some Sun Ra linkage below:

  • Alan D. Barbour’s Dolomite ‘splains things.
  • This tapeography page explains what Sun Ra was doing in Oakland in the early 70s.
  • Teleport City sums it up.
  • A Baltimore City Paper book review places Ra alongside Anthony Braxton and Duke Ellington.
  • Didn’t enjoy “Heartland Reggae” as much. A Bob Marley documentary I have at home includes the handshake footage between Michael Manley and Edward Seaga. I saw a lot more Jacob Miller from Inner Circle than I wanted, probably less Peter Tosh and I didn’t know what to do with the young boy who popped up for a few minutes singing the Jacksons’ “Enjoy Yourself,” so I tuned him out.

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