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Black flight in the Bay Area: … the numbers make a case for it. (via jessi)

Blacks, whose numbers statewide only increased by 55,000, now constitute just 6.7 percent of California’s total population of 33.9 million, down from 7.4 percent in 1990.

More telling are the black population decreases from the last decade in Bay Area cities: San Francisco, down 16.1 percent; Oakland, down 8.1 percent; and San Jose, down 2 percent. In East Palo Alto, the closest thing to an African-American stronghold the South Bay has ever had, the black population dropped 29.3 percent.

Meanwhile, increases occurred in the Bay Area’s less expensive cities: Antioch’s black population increased 504 percent; Vallejo’s, 30 percent. And in the Central Valley, Tracy was up 327 percent; Stockton, 50 percent; and largely rural Los Banos, 200 percent.

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