“That’s Right (You’re Not From Texas)”: … ain’t just a Lyle Lovett song.

ALBUQUERQUE, Aug. 15 — The second graders at Griegos Elementary School had apparently not absorbed the message of President Bush’s month away from the nation’s capital, because when he asked a group of them today if they knew where he was from, he did not get the answer he wanted.

“Washington, D.C.!” several students shouted in unison, eliciting a grimace from the president, who has cast his working vacation as a reconnection with his roots.

“I’m from one state east of here,” he prompted the children, gathered in a classroom here. “What state?”

“Washington, D.C.!” they exclaimed again, at which point Mr. Bush gave up on helpful hints.

“I grew up,” he said, “in Texas.”

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