You’re just a wave, you’re not the water: … I’ve never heard any Jimmie Dale Gilmore, but he’s on my mind ’cause his song title went floating through my head as I read fellow lemonyellow fan Mitsu’s Aug. 7th post about observation of the body’s processes (and playing pinball).

We tend to think that what is happening to us at any given moment is a fairly clear thing: it has this flavor of the singular, like a thread, a sequence. Sort of the same kind of thread that one can observe in language, which has letter following letter, word following word. But if you really think about it or pay some attention to what is going on at any given moment, it’s even more clear that there’s a vast amount happening in parallel: all of the multiple tracks — you could start with the various sensations that one experiences, sound plus visual plus tactile and so forth — and you could add on all of the processes happening outside of your conscious awareness: your sense of balance, your heartbeat, breathing, homeostatic processes throughout the body, digestion, etc. — and all of the activity going on in every cell of your body, and then all of the activity in the environment around you that is constantly exchanging material and information with you and all of your systems… it becomes this vast functioning without a clear center, and certainly without a singular quality. It’s vast and beyond one’s conscious awareness, yet not separate from it.

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