Macy Gray: … needs to know that, yes, it is possible for her to get laid on tour — even one like the all-women’s tour Erykah Badu is road-testing.

“One of the best things about the music business is that it’s dominated by men,” Gray said. “It’s a great opportunity to be around men all the time. I loved that bill that she put together, [but] I don’t know if I want to do an all-woman tour.

“If I happen to put together a bill that was real dope like that and it happened to be all women, that’d be cool. But hangin’ out with dudes in other bands is like the best thing in the whole world – like when we went out with the Roots and Everlast, you have your little bowling parties and you could have one-night stands in a bunk and stuff like that.

“You just can’t do that on a women’s tour.”

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