Bear with me: … I’m getting the hang of this host-change thing. It’s quarter past 2 in the morning. I’m not at my best.

Shampooed the locks Monday, but didn’t get around to shea-buttering them down till this afternoon. I think it went well. I can ponytail the ones at the base of my scalp, but the rest are too short to gather up in back properly.

Tricky: … from a July 2001 Remix magazine interview.

What effect would you like your music to have, and how do you see yourself as an artist?

I think I’m more about emotion than about being a head-rocker. Some music makes your head nod, and that’s good; I love those drumbeats that make you go [bangs his head]. I’d like people to listen to my music with headphones by themselves rather than go out to hear it in a club. Sometimes I’d like to make a bangin’ track, but I’d rather be there with the emotion. I want to touch people’s souls. That’s the one thing I wanted to do at the beginning of my career, and it’s the one thing I want to do now. I’m really in it for that. You get all the good things that come along with it — the traveling, people treating you good — but I want to touch people’s souls. And I don’t think it’s worth me doing music if I can’t do that. I want to go a bit deeper than the ears. I want to touch you inside there. I want to make you feel something. I’ve still got that now. That’s what keeps me going.

A woman once came up to me after a concert. She was telling me all this beautiful stuff, and I didn’t want to hear it, y’know what I mean? I was just about to walk away, and she says to me, “Look, I don’t want to seem to go on, but I mean what I say: you’re in my home and you’re in my children.” And that blew my mind. That was the heaviest thing anyone’s ever said to me. She plays my music to her kids. That’s heavy, and that’s what I want. That is better than a royalty check — and a royalty check is good!

Cover stories: That’s funny. The twins on the September cover of this magazine are wearing saris and jeweled bindis. And September’s cover of this magazine has a headline for their cover piece taking readers “inside the city’s wild new music scene — a tour through rock, hip-hop, and house to the genius of DJ Qbert.” But that curly-mopped lanky dude with the Led Zeppelin T-shirt, that couldn’t be Qbert, could it? Nah. It’s Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind instead.

Thank goodness Sheerly Avni’s article is worth the two months she says she spent living on C— Lights, screwdrivers and coffee to write it.

And I give Jenkins cool points for discoursing on cred and the Invisibl Scratch Piklz: “I made music to make my own world. I didn’t make it to create borders and exclude others — which is what having cred is all about. … Qbert is the Dalai Lama of scratching. And their recognition is coming, don’t worry. But then what will happen to their cred? Oh no! Fuck you, cred motherfuckers.”

And Qbert has something to say, too: “I just like to dig up new sounds, find new things — you have to continue growing. And I don’t mind being sampled by others. I believe in Karma, and I think music should just make people happy.”