Monthly Archives: August 2001

Bear with me: … I’m getting the hang of this host-change thing. It’s quarter past 2 in the morning. I’m not at my best. Shampooed the locks Monday, but didn’t get around to shea-buttering them down till this afternoon. I think it went well. I can ponytail the ones at the base of my scalp, […]

Formica?: … I like-a.

Tricky: … from a July 2001 Remix magazine interview. What effect would you like your music to have, and how do you see yourself as an artist? I think I’m more about emotion than about being a head-rocker. Some music makes your head nod, and that’s good; I love those drumbeats that make you go […]

Cover stories: That’s funny. The twins on the September cover of this magazine are wearing saris and jeweled bindis. And September’s cover of this magazine has a headline for their cover piece taking readers “inside the city’s wild new music scene — a tour through rock, hip-hop, and house to the genius of DJ Qbert.” […]

Mack Reed: … on morale-boosters for journalists and what you need to know before you wander off to Burning Man on impulse. (via James)

A letter from Cuba: … Noy Thrupkaew recalls healthcare, jiniterismo, race and labeling as belonging. I am called “china” quite often during the trip. But it doesn’t really feel like people have an idea of what personality traits a china has or a stereotype in mind (i.e., hot geisha chick, godamn foreigner, come do my […]

Chocolate Genius: … the musician also known as Marc Anthony Thompson in an interview with Vivien Goldman, talking about how music is still his passion: “Art is an effort to gather your tribe. Hopefully, mine will come with me.”

Changing hosts: … I’m doing it, so I may slow down a little bit on the posting-every-day pace for the next week. But what do you guys care, anyway? You’re moving into dorm rooms, driving to Burning Man, making plans for the long Labor Day weekend or just laying low, aren’t you? In case you […]

Mondo Grosso: … Ernie, weren’t you listening to this a couple of weeks ago? But I shouldn’t care because above all, MG4 is a statement about the aspirations of the person who buys this disc. Such a person will watch “Sex and the City” to verify which shoe boutiques are currently en vogue. Such a […]

Keba Konte: … I got a copy of one of his prints at a fair in Berkeley a year ago. It depicts a little boy leaping over a graveyard, and it’s on our kitchen wall.