Monthly Archives: July 2001

Pink nipples in a plastic bag: … getting sold by business. Zenobia Chan shares the new trend in Hong Kong. (Found by checking out Phonzarelli’s links, noticing one to Feminist Media Watch and seeing a new ‘zine,

I’m at Level 3: … over here. Not that there’s anything wrong with that … LEVEL 3 — MOSTLY STRAIGHT ACTING You lead a normal everyday life and it’s ‘no questions asked’ as people just assume you are straight. Every once and awhile a very aware person might notice something that causes them to think […]

Sense and sensimilla: Canada lets terminally ill folks and chronic sufferers of pain burn one down. That’s a progressive idea.

Eitzel: … “I guess on [The Invisible Man] I made an effort not to be like a white guy with a guitar, depressed, you know. I tried to change that whole equation that I had. Because I’m sick of it. I’m sick of depressing music … Maybe that’s why every song has a groove and […]

Score one: … for megnut. That’ll teach me not to read reviews — or certain Web sites — before buying tickets.

Say it isn’t so: … “To market a game that’s played increasingly by young African-Americans, not hiding their history and heritage, to upper middle class white guys getting their companies to buy tickets is a continuing challenge,” said Jay Coakley, a sports sociologist at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

I’m gonna get myself: … connected. The writing’s on the wall …

Two from the Times: … From “A.I.” to Zeitgeist … Audiences may have expected something more upbeat from Mr. Spielberg and even from the darker-toned Mr. Kubrick � who, after all, directed “2001: A Space Odyssey.” In that film, HAL the computer begins to run amok, but he is vanquished when a human pulls his […]

L-Boogie: … speaks. “I am not running for social president anymore. I’m just trying to be, obey God and do my passion, and tell everybody else that life is a waste if you ain’t doing that.”

DFC 4478: … I don’t know him, but he messaged me tonight. Creeped me the hell out. His intent wasn’t immediately clear to my trusting, unexpecting self right away. shudder DFC4478 (10:47 PM): hi thereallaboutgeorge (10:47 PM): Hello.DFC4478 (10:47 PM): where in Cali are you?allaboutgeorge (10:47 PM): OaklandDFC 4478 (10:48 PM): im in La, im […]