Bingo with gay senior citizens and cool new local music: … RJ is funny as hell

I celebrated my return to real life by playing bingo with gay senior citizens last night. I went with the woman who I’m going to set up with my mother, if they ever find themselves on the same coast. We both won a little, lost a little. The game I won was called “Tops and Bottoms.” The only bingo that counts in this game is the top row and the bottom row. When you win you have to stand up and declare which row you are. So fifty elderly people all laughed and pointed at me when I had to stand up and yell “I’m a bottom!”

“What was that, sonny? I can’t hear you!” It amused them to make me repeat myself. “Haven’t you asked around town” I said to them. “This is news?”

… but Flip learns me something cool that I haven’t heard about before.

And I have finally tracked down the mystery artist I have been searching around months for – and it turns out she lives right here in Oakland. Faun Fables amaze me. I’ve been hearing her in the mornings on kfjc for some time. Amoeba records had never heard of Fawn Fibbles, or Fawn Fables for that matter – but the computer finally recognized Faun Fables tonight and sent me straight into the unusual/experimental section. The track Sleepwalker is one of em that sticks in my head for hours. Since she’s local I hope to catch her live soon.

Go to his entry for the necessary links. I don’t feel like stealing them, and it’ll do you good to visit. Go on now, shoo, shoo!

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