Unexpected juxtaposition: … I go by Pennant’s and he’s calling it like he sees it.

Why is it some folk get all indignant when I say they’ll flake, sure as shootin’

…. and they &$^%# do it ANYWAYS?

Cripes, man.

I know, no one wants to be known as a flake (ie: someone who doesnt show when they say they will)… but hey, good intentions and all that…

… and then I go by Stacey’s (all newly dipped in the fresh fly template) and click on one of his links, Perfect Sound Forever. And the first thing I go toward, I see this at the end of this Mark Eitzel interview.

PSF: So you’re willing to agree to such a project?

Oh, yeah. I would totally do it. I always say yes. That’s my theory of life — always say yes and then let the other guy flake out.

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