I don’t want to sail: … on this ship of fools. I want to run and hide … (via Den Beste)

What we’re seeing is people who are damned sick of the way things are run now, who want to create their own perfect city, but who can’t do it under the laws of any nation now in existence. And since every speck of land is part of a nation, then the only way they can build a city such as they want is to make it float so that it operates in international waters. For all their pious claims of being bound by laws of the nation whose flag they fly, in fact they’ll only be subject to their own laws in the form of some sort of community charter. And this chilling statement: “The ship’s demographics, pre-screening of property owners and tenants, and strict security procedures will all contribute to an uncommonly secure environment.” I’m not sure I want to know what the criteria will be on that “pre-screening”, but the use of the word “demographics” suggests a clue: could it be, perhaps, racial? (No, of course not! Perish the thought!)

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