Biracial couples report tolerance: … The Washington Post talks up a study they co-sponsored with a couple of other organizations that says things have changed in the last 34 years, and for the better WRT the issue. Without complaining about the survey size, I wish there were more information about the ~10-15 percent of nonwhite biracial couples, the kind of info a larger pool might have offered.

Once in a while, not so regularly that we could set our watches by it, Ankita and I will get double takes from people who are surprised to find out we’re together, much less married: “Oh, you two are together?” A reckless eyeballing, maybe, or rude behavior from a waitress or someone on the street, that sort of thing. More often than not, people are blasé about it. One or two people will remember Denzel Washington and Sarita Choudhury from “Mississippi Masala.”

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