Harry Allen: … the “media assassin” himself — and nobody knows this so you can’t tell anyone, but the other reason my first online name was “mymedia” was ’cause of Chuck D’s line in “Don’t Believe the Hype”: “I’m going to my media assassin/Harry Allen, I gotta ask him …” — threw out several nice links on the afrofuturism list today. An old one about DJing with MP3s (something I’d love to do one evening a week at a friendly neighborhood bar or club near me, if I can work up the nerve to approach a booker somewhere — and it’s funny, ’cause both of my younger brothers did it when we all lived at home with Mom, but I always said I’d rather play an instrument; gotta love it, how things change and ‘puters make things possible, huh?) caught my eye, as did a new one about a gay rapper.

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