Saturday and Sunday: … was noteworthy for a long stretch of several hours at Leo Dubose’s A Round World bike shop/tour service in the 2400 block of Telegraph Avenue in Oakland (all in the service of my bicycle, which now enjoys new brakes and handlebars that allow me to use the detachable front basket that’s been hiding in my closet for several years). What Leo’s expert hands have caused my road bike to sacrifice in speed, I now make up in increased effort (not without cardiovascular and lower-limb benefits) and stability. This gives me more incentives to stand up and pedal properly, and not turn my tailbone into a giant shock absorber for my spine. (Yay!) Other joys included a party at Cary’s (complete with quality poodle time, a beach bonfire, excellent conversation with co-workers and new acquaintances under a half-moon and chilly but pleasant sea breezes).

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