English, the global language: … as culled from quotes in New York Times articles over the past few months.

  • “One of the things about world English, as a principle, is that English now belongs to everyone who uses it, not just to native speakers … So a user of Singlish is as correct as you are in the sense that he knows what he wants to say and identifies with his audience.”
  • “Foreign words are present in any language, and often for good reasons. To use the word ‘dumping,’ for example, is better than wasting a whole line to explain in Portuguese that you are talking about selling a product below cost so as to damage a competitor.”
  • “He who has clearly learned little from his history lessons,” the newspaper said, “will go down in the history books as the gravedigger of the Swiss identity.”
  • “It’s spoken in India, it’s spoken in Australia, it’s spoken all around the world.
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