Monthly Archives: July 2001

Lies, damned lies and forwarded e-mails: … Got this from a family member. It’s not true. With so much information out there to ding B— on, no one should have to resort to a made-up institute’s “report” passed around from in-box to in-box like so much pamphleteered propaganda. Report: President Bush Has Lowest IQ of […]

Slanderous: … Worse Than Queer goes LiveJournal on us, and makes us like it. In the last week, she’s been digging on “Tron,” 10-hour trips from Berkeley to Portland, rigged missile tests and this … There is some of the most FUCKED-UP anti-trans discussion happening over at the Ms. magazine bulletin boards, seriously. The “best” […]

Dropping the soap: … in the Nando Times (via Den Beste) “We can’t keep blaming O.J. anymore … It’s a few years back now. If we haven’t recovered, it isn’t because of O.J., it’s because we’re not giving the audience what it wants.”

Book suggestions: … for aspiring journalists, editors and media workers (a phrase that reminds me of “sex worker,” the latter-day euphemism for “prostitute,” “hustler” or “whore”), given freely and in number by readers of Jim Romenesko’s Media News. Hit up your local independent bookstore, librarian or freelance bibliophile for further suggestions.

My attention was magically lassoed: … by Chaos Network’s article about the sexual nature of superheroes; suddenly I felt compelled to look for this old article on Wonder Woman by the Washington Post’s Hank Stuever.

White: … Yeah, David, B— was right. Let him tell you: “I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe … and I believe what I believe is right.”

Bingo with gay senior citizens and cool new local music: … RJ is funny as hell … I celebrated my return to real life by playing bingo with gay senior citizens last night. I went with the woman who I’m going to set up with my mother, if they ever find themselves on the same […]