Monthly Archives: June 2001

GSSMs: … as discussed with Jako. Jako (01:22 PM): got a sec? george (01:29 PM): I think so. Jako (01:30 PM): just wondering if you blogged anything about that SF Gate article Ernie and Anil linked george (01:31 PM): I didn’t. I read it after coming back from Pride. Saw the paper on a BART […]

James Dean: … still not dead, according to Morrissey.

Swedish meet, ball: … “Indeed two men in the sample we analysed claimed to have 600 and 800 partners and a woman claimed to have more than 100 partners. … We were trying to think of a type of social network where the connections would be clear, like 1 or 0, there or not there. […]

On the radar: … Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” (which I spent an hour last night browsing before looking up and noticing 100 or so pages of its 400-plus-page bulk had passed) and this guy Steven Shaviro (pointed out by Adam re: an interview) who’s publishing “Stranded in the Jungle,” a book made up of essays […]

You don’t know dick: … Saw this special about FTM transsexuals at 11 p.m. night on KQED-Channel 9, the PBS affiliate that comes in most clearly on our non-cable-fied TV set. Coming in from chilling at the bookstore as we did, we missed the front end of a special about the history of African-American dance […]

There goes the ‘hood: … or does it? That’s a link to a Metafilter thread about a Natalie Hopkinson op-ed piece in the Washington Post. Now, I did participate here and there. The only reason I’m bringing it back up is that no one on MeFi will probably read/post the Post’s ombudsman’s take on it […]

Fronting for the enemy: … according to Chris Nutter in the Village Voice.

Tans for the memories: … those booths are not our friends, as feminist media watch reminds us. I’m begging you: Be sure to get your solar rays the right way.

Jennifer, oh Jenny: … “They asked me to do that show … But I didn’t get it. I still don’t get it. With all due respect for the fans, I couldn’t imagine doing it every day. I mean, I think their acting is very good, but I couldn’t do it. To adhere yourself to a […]

Thinking different. … indeed. Apple helps digitize the Dalai Lama. (As if I needed another reason to like the company …)