GSSMs: … as discussed with Jako.

Jako (01:22 PM): got a sec?

george (01:29 PM): I think so.

Jako (01:30 PM): just wondering if you blogged anything about that SF Gate article Ernie and Anil linked

george (01:31 PM): I didn’t. I read it after coming back from Pride. Saw the paper on a BART train, and flipped through it right before napping on the couch.

Jako (01:31 PM): really cool article – was hoping to get your take

george (01:34 PM): Well, GSSMs are what Anil and Peterme had on their minds a couple of years ago.

george (01:34 PM): At least, that’s how Anil explained it to me.

george (01:35 PM): In a way, I felt that straight people appropriating elements and markers of gay culture was sort of bogus.

george (01:35 PM): I mean, support the culture, sure

george (01:35 PM): but it didn’t seem too far removed from white people feeling Tupac Shakur’s pain, as the article mentioned.

george (01:35 PM): Then my wife told me to pull my head out of my ass

Jako (01:36 PM): true, but some straight folks (on both sides of the gender fence) just act GAY as a matter of course…

george (01:36 PM): and said that straight people who fcuk with borders and boundaries and expectations are cool

george (01:37 PM): and I shouldn’t hate on them because it’s not always about stealing someone else’s cool

george (01:37 PM): and since the more confused people are about gender boundaries, the less likely it is that they’ll just come out (ahem) and say stupid stuff and act stupidly.

Jako (01:38 PM): your wife’s got it right

george (01:38 PM): So I asked her when was the last time she had her gaydar checked.

george (01:38 PM): She stuck her tongue out at me.

Jako (01:38 PM): ha!

george (01:38 PM): And we went out to the bookstore, came back home and watched this documentary on FTM trannies on PBS.

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