Quotes of the day: … from the New York Times.

  • “If you get a great model who has a great attitude, that’s terrific, but it is up to the cover lines to do the other 90 percent of the work … In order to get that $4 from the reader, you have to think of it as a newsstand mugging.”
  • “Different groups, or perhaps different segments within groups, have different reasons for clustering … For some, it’s a survival mechanism based on necessity and the fact that they’re offered limited options. But for others, it is a cultural preference, and it’s really what they want to achieve when they’ve made it in America.”
  • “I remember when we had 9 percent unemployment in Appalachia in the late 60’s — it was 50 percent higher than the national average — and it generated outrage and all kinds of roads and development programs … In Tulare, unemployment is six times the national average and nobody is saying anything. There’s a high degree of ineptitude that makes it difficult to change the status quo.”
  • … and an extra tidbit from the Writers on Writing series. Notice the blueberry iBook beside Edmund White in the picture that accompanies his essay:

  • I seldom listen to pop music because it’s too monotonous rhythmically and too coarse harmonically to interest me for long; it depresses me and fails to connect me to a better, nobler society. When I write, I want to feel I could belong, at least in my dreams, to a world in which art must be puzzled out, a realm that believes that beauty is difficult. Of course this limitation on my part is doubtless a function of the generation I belong to.
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