If you’re reading this: … I want to say three things.

  • Thank you. (“In the developed world, a substantial number of people who could very easily go online have decided not to … They see no compelling reason to be on the Web. The hype and the promise of the Internet clearly hasn’t impressed them — not yet at least.”)
  • Are you a boy or a girl? (The New York City-based research firm said that women over the age of 18 now comprise 40.9 percent of all online users, up from 40.3 percent in May 2000 and 39.3 percent in May 1999. In contrast, men age 18-and-over comprise 39.8 percent of all online users, down from 40.1 percent in May 2000 and 45.7 percent in May 1999.)
  • And, of course, do you know how fabulous you are? (Overall, the study found that Internet users are more accepting of social and political diversity than nonusers. They were significantly more likely to support or tolerate civil rights, homosexuality and nontraditional roles for women, and to oppose censorship of groups advocating those issues. They also said children should be taught not only obedience, but also how to think for themselves. … Internet users were also more optimistic about life and described themselves as healthier and happier than nonusers did. They described their lives as more exciting and they were more trusting of their fellow citizens.)
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