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Some of where I went today: … every which way but loose (no, no that every which way but loose)

  • RandomWalks
  • Tomalak’s Realm
  • .e.v.e.r.c.l.e.a.r.
  • Preston Davis
  • Two courtesy of John Snyder

  • The Museum of Black Superheroes
  • comics research bibliography
  • And the countdown continued …

  • Web Nouveau Tableless Sites
  • Hivelogic (courtesy Cecily)
  • little.yellow.different
  • SF Dyke March 2000
  • The European Ethnohistory Database
  • Patina
  • The Daily Dean
  • Caterina.net
  • Back to Mine: Everything But The Girl
  • All Back to Mine | BBC World Service
  • Danny Tenaglia : Back to Mine
  • Air : 10,000 Hz Legend
  • US ISSN Center Home Page
  • Gay in America: 1996 (Trinity Ordona)
  • And lastly …

  • A RealAudio stream of “Amnesiac”
  • An Esquire interview with Lil’ Bow Wow (in the Michael Stipe tradition)
  • An argument for including MTFs in the lesbian community
  • Oh, and a slight case of insomnia led me to finish Felice Picano’s “Onyx.” Made a bit of a backdrop in my head today for occasional reflective thoughts.

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