The news peg: … for that T-shirt blog entry below would be the the unrest in the fashion magazine world that mentions Glenda Bailey’s transfer from the top spot at Marie Claire to Harper’s Bazaar.

Marie Claire, the American edition of which Ms. Bailey has edited since it was founded in 1997, has always incorporated fashion, but never made it the centerpiece. Instead, it favored horoscopes, personal-interest stories, articles about women’s political issues (like the July feature “Babies in Prison”) and the occasional whimsical piece about, for example, what happens when women hit the bars to pick up men while wearing T-shirts that read “Wanted: a Rich Man” or “I Look Better Naked.” (The woman wearing the latter reported, “It intimidated some men, but over all it sure was a great icebreaker.”) Ms. Bailey has proved to be adept at having her magazines picked up off of newsstands.

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