Shoutout to Flip: … and his compatriot RJ over at east/west. What’s Flip bumpin’ this mizzonth?

  • Laurie Anderson. *recalls that Wong Kar-Wai film — “Speak my language!”*
  • Bjork. *I’ve seen it all — and I can’t wait for “Vespertine”*
  • Cibo Matto. *One word: “Moonchild.” Well, maybe 17: you can’t avoid the lint of love, but you’ve got to know how to take it away.
  • Cat Power. *I like her cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” better than the one James turned me onto, the one by P.J. Harvey and Bjork done live somewhere. Get thee to Gnutella (via your — I mean, via my client of choice — and compare/contrast) …
  • Jill Scott: After the debut, she’s rollin’ with Sting. Every breath she takes, she can put the blunt down, leave that nasty lung infection she had behind and live up to that “next Ella Fitzgerald” praise he lavished on her.
  • DJ Gilles Peterson: love his show, love his CD, love my co-worker for loaning me said CD.
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