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T-shirt tell-all: … July 2001 issue of Marie Claire has an article, “Do Men Like It When You Flaunt It?” (pullquote: “Men often say women give them mixed messages. So we sent out three women wearing T-shirts with clear — and clearly provocative — slogans to test how men would react.)

  • “I look better naked” (worn to an Italian restaurant, a sports bar, a local dive, a hip hotel bar, to run errands and to a supermarket by an Asian woman ID’d as “Maggie, 26, musician” with a last name of Kim) drew approaches from 9 men (average quality? C+).

    Quotes: “I like yours very much. Maybe we switch?” “She’s cute? I might talk to her because of the shirt, but I wouldn’t date her.” “I was compelled to talk to you before I saw it; now I want to know if it’s the truth.”

  • “Wanted: A rich man” (worn to a restaurant, a “gentleman’s club,” a Starbucks and a local diner by a blond ID’d as “Amber, 29, entrepreneur” with a last name of Bishop) drew approaches from 30 men — including 15 phone numbers (average quality? B-).

    Quotes: “So what do you have to offer a rich man in exchange for a good life?” (asked by a woman) “I think she’s doing just fine on her own. Lighten up. I like it. It’s gutsy.” (stated by said woman’s boyfriend) “I’ve got what you’re looking for.” (the most commonly used line)

  • “I have sex on the first date” (worn to an organic food store, an outdoor flea market, a swanky boutique, a sultry bar and a lounge hosting a party for young, successful professionals by a brunet ID’d as “Karen, 29, writer” with a last name of Robinovitz) drew approaches from 16 men (average quality? D+).

    Quotes: “You don’t do that, do you?” “I must buy that for a friend. It’s so her!” “I’m JoJo, and that is an ‘int-uh-resting’ T-shirt. First-date sex is fabulous. That better not be false advertising, though, or I could sue you.”

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