Monthly Archives: May 2001

A vow of silence: … A woman who lives on the same floor in our building has taken one. She’s a Buddhist, so maybe it’s Vipassana-related. According to a sign she’s posted on her door, she’ll end it June 21, the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere (as well as an eclipse — […]

A Spanish proverb: … “I don’t want the cheese, I just want to get out of the trap.” (found in “Working Less, Just for the Health of It,” a chapter in Ernie J. Zelinski’s “The Joy of Not Working” — among other books browsed like “Simple Loving,” by Janet Luhrs and “Diet for a New […]

Three from Follow Me Here: … or the trio of links I’d highlight from Eliot Gelwan’s productive day of weblogging. Further discussion about aliteracy (also kindly recounted by Imelge in her May 22 blog entry) Miles Davis’ 75th birthday President B—‘s attack on environmental regulations (’cause I’m loving how he hips readers to Red Rock […]

Nude Canucks — no clothes? Aw shucks!: … “Once everyone was naked, it didn’t really matter that everyone was naked, because everyone was naked.” Photographer Spencer Tunick: “I use the body as a shape … It’s very hard to look at a mass of bodies, at least in my work, and get aroused. It’s using […]

San Jose mayor’s new toy: … Ex-co-worker Christine Lias (whose virtue on the subject is unimpeachable) thinks Ron Gonzales’s personal choice to drive an SUV speaks for itself.

Fremont, California: … After Ankita and I got married at the Alameda County courthouse in September of 1999, John and Kate took us out to eat at the Oakland Grill. Then my blushing bride and I got in our car, drove down 880 to this town (leaving the highway and getting pretty lost — resorting […]

Tulsa, Oklahoma: … your darkest hour wasn’t 80 years ago, but just the other day — three months after the state riot commission’s final report made its case for reparations to survivors.

I want to defy the logic of all sex laws: … because according to’s inner rock star quiz, I’m a full-grown man, but I’m not afraid to cry. But what about my inner Randy Travis, Sting, Chris Isaac (sic), Lenny Kravitz, Tommy Lee, Ricky Martin or Eminem? (To say nothing of my inner Sade, […]

S.F.: … Oh, I love to shoot the skyline from near and afar, but sometimes I feel this way, too. (via calamondin)

Vive: … La Resistance Detroit! (via the Bay Guardian)