Pictures from Saturday: … at Berkeley’s Himalayan Fair in Live Oak Park, watching a lovely rendition of an Indian dance about Lord Krishna, a particularly tall ‘do that momentarily blocked my view of the stage (before its owner decided to sit down), a note about a prisoner of conscience and a booth where people were urged to write letters of support on his behalf, a brief glance upward at prayer flags strung above the grounds, a flyer at a booth for a local store, a portrait of the photographer as captured in a mirror, a bit of script, a Berkeley, Calif., cop sprinting toward a bannered gate (karma police?), another mirror shot examining my hairline receding (my vain darling), a glance to make me wonder “have I stayed too long at the fair?”, more prayer flags in the May breeze, a shot of a signifier of some in the crowd’s political sympathies, a glance at the two women I hung out with and one I used to work with at ANG, a shot of what I may make into a 404 page, and some shots of Ankita overcoming apathy — and while I’m sure this street sign has been shot before, its image rather captures the spirit of the day for me.

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