With apologies: … to fans of this song.

cecily1968 (02:22 PM): *sigh*

cecily1968 (02:28 PM): http://www.commondreams.org/headlines01/0524-04.htm

cecily1968 (02:29 PM): Bob’s calling out his own.

cecily1968 (02:29 PM): *whoops*

allaboutgeorge (02:29 PM): So it’s true, then. Bob’s one of us?

cecily1968 (02:30 PM): I think if you shake that family tree hard enough…

allaboutgeorge (02:30 PM): Bob’s our uncle. http://www.alt-usage-english.org/excerpts/fxbobsyo.html

cecily1968 (02:32 PM): Ooh.

cecily1968 (02:32 PM): I could have fun with a site like this.

allaboutgeorge (02:32 PM): What if Bob was one of us?

allaboutgeorge (02:32 PM): Negro blood, like most of us

allaboutgeorge (02:33 PM): Just a dad-gummed passing cuss

cecily1968 (02:33 PM): Hee!

allaboutgeorge (02:33 PM): Tryin’ to make his way home

allaboutgeorge (02:33 PM): < / joanosborne >

cecily1968 (02:33 PM): Your freestyle is hilarious.

cecily1968 (02:33 PM): I think you should do one freestyle per day on your blog.

allaboutgeorge (02:34 PM): *mulls*

cecily1968 (02:34 PM): Try it for a week.

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