Listened to, thought of, linked about: … One song is “essentially a soul number – and simply beautiful, Prekop’s voice layered to usher in his own backing singers on the chorus, whilst Claridge’s bass gently brings it on home,” has “the glossy lilt of a Barry White smooch-fest, dressed up in velvety “quiet storm” strings and Eric Claridge’s smoothly assertive bass,” and with “a sound that reminds one of Air, the song rolls along at the gentle prodding of the lazy beat” and “catches the Tortoise affiliates at their most serene as scampering xylophone and staccato guitar vie with sonic moog scoring. This is outta-step pop that should sound highly sinister, but doesn’t. Envision a less wilfully obtuse Stereolab and you’re part of the way there. Picture the perfect soundtrack to Moomin valley and you’re even closer. A blissed-out mini-wonder. Believe.”

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