Monthly Archives: May 2001

Sobering news about AIDS: … for black gay and bisexual men. The new research, released yesterday, relies on a newer blood test to identify people who have been infected only recently. The researchers found that in the six cities, black gay men ages 23 to 29 had a 14.7 percent annual rate of new infection […]

While I was looking elsewhere: … life continued apace. James recounts sixteen ways of looking at a black woman. Some of my bud Stephen Stout’s paintings will be on display in “Transformations II,” a show at m, the exhibition division of Francis Mill Gallery, 555 Sutter St., Suite 401, S.F., Calif., 94102, sponsored by S.F. […]

Anil Dash: … is reborn, and explains the whole Prince thing for those of you who haven’t been following along at home.