Monthly Archives: April 2001

Survey says: … That nasty stench of anti-China bias that’s been going around didn’t just magically appear. Three things that leaped out at me: The survey found that more Americans were uncomfortable voting for an Asian-American to be president (24 percent of those surveyed) than for a candidate who was African American (15 percent), a […]

Talkin’ ’bout: … my generation. X, that is. Y? Y not?

A primer on homonics: … Dean provideth.

Get your freak on!: … and no, sad to say, I don’t mean that hot-to-death Missy Elliott track (RealPlayer audio / RealPlayer video). For those of you following along at home, it’s bing, boing, bong, bang a-lang and boom. (Or just go here and study the posts with “freak” in the headline.)

Into my hot little hands: … this book fell today. I was just wishing I had a copy a couple of days ago.

Europe founded by a few Africans: … way back in the dizzay, and like Starmama says, it’s worth further study.

I’m going to Miami/Welcome to Miami: … or maybe things have changed from what Will Smith said. “Back some years ago, we talked about white flight. Now I call it black flight … There are going to be very few blacks in the city of Miami at the alarming rate they’re losing them.”

One Mississippi, two Mississippis: … “Black people are so forgiving,” she said, “and so willing to look for the good in people, that I think they just thought white people would [go to the polls] and do the right thing.” Seventy-five years after the Civil War, novelist William Faulkner captured revisionism’s powerful grip on the […]

Jay Leno-ish news headline: … over at Tastes Like Chicken.

The new black: … won’t ever be white.