Hair’s looking at me, kid: As promised.

So, despite the backward march my follicles are starting to think about at my temples, there was about a good half-inch of natural growth (especially on the top, where the hair hasn’t finished locking yet). Granted, I’d probably make better headway (ba-dum-bum-bum) on top if I did the whole routine where you take a Q-Tip and clean in between the little dreadlet buds with some tea-tree oil and water. But you know, I’m hardheaded like that. Shampoo’s my best friend in the shower. It’s been three months since I got my hair twisted, and that interval between things feels about right. The last time I did it, I was a mess: Stuff still didn’t look right on me, even with it all wrapped up nights and tended to every three weeks or so. Now I just let go, let it grow and it’s all good.

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