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Daft Punk: … So, like, over at Web Geeks Unite!, there’s links to lots of good stuff, including the first two Daft Punk videos off “Discovery,” their latest CD, at The Raft. The videos, “Aerodynamic” and “One More Time” (QuickTime; high bandwidth alert) use alien-abduction anime TV cartoons, which works for me by referencing all those “Star Blazers” shows I soaked up in the early 1980s (and other things).

But most people from my postboom generation knew immediately that the game was Japanese. We, of course, were raised with fears about economic war with Japan, having figured out that Russian nukes were more likely to fall in movies than in real life. So the military conflict of AYBABTU is in the eye of the beholder: it sparks dark hilarity about some random “hostile foreign force” that has it in for us. …

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