Monthly Archives: April 2001

Pop: … go the weasels who run laps ’round that fabled mulberry bush. Why? They’re thirsty for profits from new markets. I remember when Josta was the next big drink, and how quickly it went down the drain. Wonder if Busta Rhymes will be tapped to push this? And why am I not surprised that […]

Sunday papers: … Inside Immaterial Incorporated � Issue Two, Andrea Codrington on beige. (Cabinet has this column called Colors “in which a guest writer is asked to respond to a specific color assigned by the editors of Cabinet.” Codrington points out the obvious Hannah Arendt-John Mellencamp continuum, a Web site devoted to the color and […]

Your Negro tour guide: … I’m not and Kathy Y. Wilson is. Where has this column been? Or rather, why haven’t I been reading it before now for the real Queen City skinny? Need that name explained? Here you go.