Monthly Archives: March 2001

Change: … is good. The blog’s shifts in color and form come from Cecily’s willingness to tackle my rudimentary table layout in CSS, after suffering a saint’s passion worth of pain over her own winsome layout (nailed down shortly before sites like Blue Robot started lacing us with free mockups. Anyhow, more to come as […]

Wirelessness: … is a wonderful thing, long as folks don’t lose their minds. Sometimes I fantasize about buying an apartment building and showering down broadband megabit love on its residents. (“Screw free cable! Free wireless: Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!”) I love my Ricochet, perceive the money I pay per month as something like […]

Ctheory: … is a site that encompasses more than just machine language, except when it doesn’t. A random search on Kate Bornstein turned it up in Google; essays on hip-hop ruptures, Joerg Haider’s Austria and transparency and deception on the computer fashion scene will keep me looking out for new stuff.

An encouraging point: … with regard to Apple OS X. A single word comes to mind: promote. Apple must promote the heck out of this operating system. It must be the face of consumers and businesses. It must tout this operating system as the best thing since sliced bread. It roasts, it toasts, and it […]

How’s your gaydar these days?: … You know, you could always try out Minor Demons’ Gaydar Deluxe! for the Palm. (link via BrianCentral.)

Never give a sucker an even BET: … not after the layoffs, and not after failing to renew Tavis Smiley.

Let’s hear it for DuBois: … mmm, let’s give DuBois a hand.

Comparative art: … This reminds me of this fellow’s work.

Fortune for fortune: … I’m kicking down a buck via PayPal to each of the first 10 folks who can tell me something interesting about my birthchart. Since Joe could probably tell me 10 without reaching for his Debbi Kempton-Smith, he’s exempt and gets to play at home. (He will, however, be included in the […]

My favorite biker chick, cont’d: … Shannon was the first person I instant-messaged yesterday. I was in Cafe 1428 on Alice Street, sipping french roast with half-and-half and powdered white. Phil the owner was outside smoking, and the cool counterwoman was finishing my sandwich (turkey on white, since they were out of wheat; no onion), […]