Change: … is good. The blog’s shifts in color and form come from Cecily’s willingness to tackle my rudimentary table layout in CSS, after suffering a saint’s passion worth of pain over her own winsome layout (nailed down shortly before sites like Blue Robot started lacing us with free mockups.

Anyhow, more to come as I get the hang of things and she enlightens me when I get bollixed up.

Wirelessness: … is a wonderful thing, long as folks don’t lose their minds. Sometimes I fantasize about buying an apartment building and showering down broadband megabit love on its residents. (“Screw free cable! Free wireless: Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!”) I love my Ricochet, perceive the money I pay per month as something like a utility fee and generally just have too much fun with it. That neighborhood cafe a block from me just got a couple of iMacs connected to their DSL account, set up a kiosk-type timer program and they’re charging 10 bucks an hour or $2.50 for fifteen minutes of access. It would’ve been sweet a year ago, but now it seems like there’s fun to be had in The City (and probably Oakland, too) on OPP (other people’s points). Maybe if the cafe had an AirPort setup … But you know what, municipal public wireless broadband sounds pretty sweet too. I’d vote for the candidate who could do that locally.

An encouraging point: … with regard to Apple OS X.

A single word comes to mind: promote. Apple must promote the heck out of this operating system. It must be the face of consumers and businesses. It must tout this operating system as the best thing since sliced bread. It roasts, it toasts, and it burns. It slices, it dices, and it grills. Sounds like a bad infomercial?

Ever seen how much money people make off of infomercials?

Let’s hear it for DuBois: … mmm, let’s give DuBois a hand.

Fortune for fortune: … I’m kicking down a buck via PayPal to each of the first 10 folks who can tell me something interesting about my birthchart. Since Joe could probably tell me 10 without reaching for his Debbi Kempton-Smith, he’s exempt and gets to play at home. (He will, however, be included in the lightning round later on.) The most intriguing answers that don’t put too much of my business out in the street will be posted for the audience’s edification; all others will be debunked, publicly spanked and sent home.

My favorite biker chick, cont’d:Shannon was the first person I instant-messaged yesterday. I was in Cafe 1428 on Alice Street, sipping french roast with half-and-half and powdered white. Phil the owner was outside smoking, and the cool counterwoman was finishing my sandwich (turkey on white, since they were out of wheat; no onion), when the Indigo Girls’ cover of “Midnight Train To Georgia” (off their live CD) came on over the cafe speakers. I’d heard of the song before, but I’d never heard their version of it till then. It was damn good.

So, Shannon’s leaving (“leaving!”) to hit the road again. In an e-mail she sent around today, she says:

Last year, I rode 570 miles on California AIDS Ride 7 to raise money for the SF AIDS Foundation. This year, I’m riding for the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center, which features the Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic, the Audre Lorde Lesbian Health Clinic and the Pedro Zamora Youth HIV Clinic. The L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center is an amazing organization, serving 18,000 people each month and anonymously testing 25,000 people each year as well as providing HIV/AIDS educational materials to 14,000 other service providers.

In the last 8 years, AIDS Rides have raised over $84 million for education, testing and services all over the country. I’m not going to overwhelm you with scary statistics about HIV and AIDS because I think you all know how devasating this disease has been, and how vital it is to fund AIDS organizations. I am going to ask you to open your hearts and your wallets for this great cause. E-mail me if you need a pledge form, or pledge electronically using the link below.

The organizers of the AIDS Rides make it easy to give by allowing small donations over time, so you can give $250 at $25 a month for 10 months. Enough of the infomercial. If you need further inspiration, revisit my ride journals and slide show from last year at, or come talk to me on the 16th floor, I’m the one with the overgrown quads near the back stairwell.

To donate on the Web, go to:

first name: Shannon
last name: Wentworth
Event: Los Angeles AIDSRide 2001
My rider number: 7482

Thank you for your time and support.

Cheers, Shannon