My iBook’s on X-tacy: … Sitting in the cafe at the Berkeley Bowl, watching the sun through a solid scrim of grey clouds, flipping through a leftover copy of the Bay Area Reporter and blogging (whoo-HA!) on OS X via a preview version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1. Now, if enough people are distracted by the Oscars, maybe I can download iTunes and that preview version of AppleWorks …

Saturday afternoon’s all right for writing: … Recently acquired? Apple’s OS X and an optical Pro Mouse from ComputerWare on University Avenue. Missing in action? Four or five trees that used to grow out of planters at the southwest corner of Shattuck Avenue and Kittredge Street, by the once-and-future site of the Berkeley Main Library. It’s foul anytime trees disappear from an urban setting. Browsed? Issue No. 5001 of Seconds Magazine (w/Henry Rollins on the cover, Thomas Stanley watching as Cecil Taylor talks enough immaculate smack — “If I’m forced to analyze music when it’s being played, I know I’m in trouble” — to cause a case of … watch for it … my favorite instrumental pun ever … pianist envy, as well as Burning Spear, Marc Almond, Mark Mothersbaugh and a few other folks); the Spring 2001 copy of Bust (w/a home ec/crafts/domestic arts theme, a Sandra Bernhard cover, a one-page Deepa Mehta interview by Kathleen O’Grady, a few intriguing links and an Aimee Mann quote on “the female perspective” in pop — “It is highly irritating to be told your ideas and words and stories have no global value, no human application … as if a woman’s sense of loss or anger or happiness was qualitatively different from a man’s.”); issue No. 48 of XLR8R (featuring IG Culture and Dego Mcfarlane highlighting the West London jazz-fusion sound); March 2001 copy of URB — that’s Vol 11, No. 82 for those of you keeping score at home — with Daft Punk on the cover in robot garb. Oh, and the New Yorker — who is this Richard Kapuscinski guy, anyway?

Crossing borders, creating home:This earns the wife her latest byline.

Change: … is good. The blog’s shifts in color and form come from Cecily’s willingness to tackle my rudimentary table layout in CSS, after suffering a saint’s passion worth of pain over her own winsome layout (nailed down shortly before sites like Blue Robot started lacing us with free mockups.

Anyhow, more to come as I get the hang of things and she enlightens me when I get bollixed up.

Wirelessness: … is a wonderful thing, long as folks don’t lose their minds. Sometimes I fantasize about buying an apartment building and showering down broadband megabit love on its residents. (“Screw free cable! Free wireless: Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!”) I love my Ricochet, perceive the money I pay per month as something like a utility fee and generally just have too much fun with it. That neighborhood cafe a block from me just got a couple of iMacs connected to their DSL account, set up a kiosk-type timer program and they’re charging 10 bucks an hour or $2.50 for fifteen minutes of access. It would’ve been sweet a year ago, but now it seems like there’s fun to be had in The City (and probably Oakland, too) on OPP (other people’s points). Maybe if the cafe had an AirPort setup … But you know what, municipal public wireless broadband sounds pretty sweet too. I’d vote for the candidate who could do that locally.

An encouraging point: … with regard to Apple OS X.

A single word comes to mind: promote. Apple must promote the heck out of this operating system. It must be the face of consumers and businesses. It must tout this operating system as the best thing since sliced bread. It roasts, it toasts, and it burns. It slices, it dices, and it grills. Sounds like a bad infomercial?

Ever seen how much money people make off of infomercials?