Wirelessness: … is a wonderful thing, long as folks don’t lose their minds. Sometimes I fantasize about buying an apartment building and showering down broadband megabit love on its residents. (“Screw free cable! Free wireless: Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!”) I love my Ricochet, perceive the money I pay per month as something like a utility fee and generally just have too much fun with it. That neighborhood cafe a block from me just got a couple of iMacs connected to their DSL account, set up a kiosk-type timer program and they’re charging 10 bucks an hour or $2.50 for fifteen minutes of access. It would’ve been sweet a year ago, but now it seems like there’s fun to be had in The City (and probably Oakland, too) on OPP (other people’s points). Maybe if the cafe had an AirPort setup … But you know what, municipal public wireless broadband sounds pretty sweet too. I’d vote for the candidate who could do that locally.

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