Songs: … from my hard drive.

Smog, “Cold Blooded Old Times” (linked in my head with Cornershop’s “Brimful of Asha,” if you must know)

Wookie, “The Battle”

R.L. Burnside, “You Gotta Move,” “The Criminal Inside Me,” “A Ass Pocket Of Whiskey,” “It’s Bad You Know” and “Woke Up This Morning” (because James wouldn’t quit plugging him in our AIM convos — I hope you’re happy now, bro!)

Call and Response, “Colors,” “(Learn To) Rollerskate,” “Bustout” and “California Floating In Space” — SXSW darlings, it seems

Jonatha Brooke, “New Dress” (feat. Neil Finn) — if she’s good enough for Anil, she’s good enough for me (and besides, “Secrets and Lies” is the joint)

Cassandra Wilson, “The Good Life” and “Fly Me To The Moon”

St. Etienne, “Goodnight Jack,” “Lose That Girl” and “Erica America”

The Sea And Cake, “Seemingly”

Tortoise, “Seneca” from 1:56 to the end

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