The most annoying movie tagline of the year: … comes from this movie.

“There is nothing like a good woman to make a brother want to be a man.”

I know: I’m not supposed to think too hard about the trailer. I’m just supposed to go see the damn thing. But I wonder: What kind of brother needs a good woman in order to be(come) a man? What kind of woman is going to bust her butt to become “good” in order to transform a brother in the first place? And what about men and women who aren’t thinking about the opposite sex? Should they buy tickets too, or should they just sit off to the side with me and make fun of moviegoers?

Let me cut to the chase: I rickety-resent the hell out of a glossy, flossy ad campaign that makes so many assumptions about its viewers. I didn’t watch “Diner” the first time around; I’m not watching it this time just because you got a bunch of us to go see “The Best Man” and you’re looking for create a male “Waiting To Exhale.” I want the two minutes and thirty seconds that you spent showing me that damned movie trailer back, Sony. With interest.

You know where to find me.

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