Survey says: … Oakland’s not part of the Peninsula/Silicon Valley, but the conclusions reached here are probably similar to what would be found.

The survey showed that residents of the Peninsula and Silicon Valley have a strong sense of social and interracial trust — 70 percent have Hispanic friends compared with 49 percent nationally, 67 percent have Asian American friends compared with 34 percent nationally and 57 percent have African American friends compared with 61 percent nationally.

The Peninsula and Silicon Valley are not just diverse communities. We tend to travel freely across those lines of diversity — residents say they have had a friend of a different race to their home 14.3 times in the past year compared with 11 times in the rest of the country, and 47 percent say they have a gay friend compared with 35 percent nationally.

But when it comes to using such openness to form a more perfect society, huge gaps appear. …

Indeed, all the numbers lead inexorably to some not-so-attractive conclusions about those who populate the cubicles of Silicon Valley.

Residents have allowed work to supplant a social life, or are stuck with a social life that is largely driven by the connections and acquaintances they have at work.

And, sadly, the numbers suggest that many regard the work they’re doing as their good works, as their service to the community.

That’s not a failure of scheduling. That’s a failure of the spirit.

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