Six months: … since my first post via Blogger; nine months if you count the stuff I started writing a few months further back (here and here). I’ve gained many friends (most of whom are in my links page — or coming soon), read about loads of experiences and reflected on differing perspectives — eh, I’ll stop before this turns into a George W. Bush speech.

No, but on a serious note, this has been an interesting experiment. Has it really been all about George? Could it be? Like Preston says: “Do you know this man?” Hell, do I know this man?

Three of my grandparents have died in the last two weeks; because of certain histories of estrangement within my family and also by choice, I haven’t been very close to them. This isn’t the kind of stuff I’ve wanted to simply “blog,” ’cause what do I link it to? At the same time, I fear (for me) that an “online journal” or “diary” would run the risk of separating things I find linkworthy (interesting on a political, social, intellectual, cultural or philosophical level) from more subjective topics (reactions to events on the previously mentioned levels, emotions, passing feelings and day-in-day-out mood schtuff). There’s a place for that; thusly, portions of my old diaries will go up at some point — not here, but elsewhere on the site.

Bottom line? Integration’s my aim, the world (w)holistically perceived is my goal. Wish me luck!

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