Monthly Archives: February 2001

Gita On The Green: … or finally, finally, an explanation for Will Smith’s MMC’in in his last movie, courtesy of a book review by Phil Catalfo in the March/April copy of Yoga Journal magazine. If you saw the Robert Redford-directed film The Legend of Bagger Vance, released last fall — it starred Matt Damon as […]

Women, rural Americans need some broadband love, too: … and cheaply (with real competition, not some deregulated greedygrabbin’ scam). But doesn’t somebody need a smack on the wrist with a ruler or something rightaboutnow? The study was conducted at the request of Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass., the senior minority member of the House subcommittee on […]

Yahoo shorts: … Brothers and sisters! I don’t know what this Net is coming to! NEW YORK (Reuters) – Growth of home Internet users soared 33 percent in the last year, spurred on by different ethnic groups, according to leading Internet audience measurement service Nielsen//NetRatings. African-Americans led the online growth, jumping 44 percent in the […]

Website posture & manner: … Jakob who? I mean, OK, I only read the one column, but Anil has a point. This Adam Baker dude is good.

Buying “black”: … is an idea with ramifications beyond the wallet. (via Poynter Institute’s Diversity Digest)

Smooth Opera-tor: So, I downloaded it. Seems faster, and definitely worth a tool around or two in. Not very functional, but it’s an alpha build. You get what you don’t pay for.

It ain’t about Napster: … it’s about cultural control. The connection between big business and rock has been well documented, but rock scholar Larry Grossberg wrote the definitive book on the subject, 1992’s We Gotta Get out of This Place: Popular Conservatism and Postmodern Culture. Astonishingly, Grossberg writes that not only does the right dictate […]

Accenture studies “wireless Web”: … and discovers Americans want to go to heaven but remain unwilling to die. Or maybe they’re just bound and determined not to get into text messaging, despite the ads for the service that aired during the Super Bowl and the Grammys.

A chat with James: ’cause I like talking music with him. cagney841: let me ignore that and tell you I’m listening to the extended version of Why Should I Cry For You by Sting which is very cool. Then I just swiped Grandma’s Hands by Bill Withers.allaboutgeorge: Ah, the Soul Cages albumallaboutgeorge: Extended?cagney841: The 12″ […]

Two out of four: … can be quite good. I like these very stories and two others I mentioned.