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Comedian Bill Cosby, whose popularity never stretched to the big screen, will resurrect his “Fat Albert” personality for a live-action feature.

The Twentieth Century Fox project will be based on Cosby’s standup comedy monologues about his childhood in Philadelphia. It will blend hip-hop music, humor and topical social and personal issues.

“Bill Cosby and Fat Albert are national treasures, though Bill’s the thinner of the two,” mused Fox Filmed Entertainment chairman Tom Rothman.

Cosby, who co-wrote the script with Charles Kipps, and will executive produce with his wife, Camille Cosby, has been pursued for feature rights for years by a bevy of studios, but only now decided to proceed.

While “Albert” will be a new screen entity, the character has already enjoyed a long run in a TV toon. Show, dubbed “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” and later “The New Fat Albert Show,” was a CBS Saturday morning staple from 1972-84.

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