A chat with James: ’cause I like talking music with him.

cagney841: let me ignore that and tell you I’m listening to the extended version of Why Should I Cry For You by Sting which is very cool. Then I just swiped Grandma’s Hands by Bill Withers.
allaboutgeorge: Ah, the Soul Cages album
allaboutgeorge: Extended?
cagney841: The 12″ version is better than the single, I think, because it takes its time to cook.
cagney841: just over 6 minutes
allaboutgeorge: schweet …
cagney841: P.S.> G, do yourself a favor
cagney841: please download Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow (Baretta’s Theme) by Sammy Davis Jr. Jesus, that shit is bumping!!
allaboutgeorge: both songs are on my d/l list
allaboutgeorge: did you get a file from me?
cagney841: nope– what file?
allaboutgeorge: I tried to send you some Al Green
allaboutgeorge: Yahoo sux …
cagney841: by the way– I’m planning to buy a copy of Al Green’s greatest hits soon…
allaboutgeorge: 1 and 2?
cagney841: I think the first one.
cagney841: With him shirtless on the cover.
allaboutgeorge: http://www.nme.com/NME/External/Reviews/Reviews_Story/0,1069,6997,00.html
cagney841: Swiped it from a relative last summer, almost didn’t want to return it.
cagney841: i’ve heard of bilal before…
allaboutgeorge: Heard about him myself.
allaboutgeorge: Seemed like he was all hat and no trousers.
allaboutgeorge: D.L.’d his single, so I’ll see fo’ m’self momentarily
cagney841: cool.
allaboutgeorge: D’Angelo knockoff.
allaboutgeorge: Right down to the false start that opens the song.
cagney841: hmph.
allaboutgeorge: It’s a better take on D, tho
allaboutgeorge: Better enunciated.
allaboutgeorge: Cleaner production.
allaboutgeorge: Reminiscent of D’s debut album, “Brown Sugar”
cagney841: sounds like he’s getting your approval.
cagney841: see– I told you you were THE music authority. You sound like a scientist tasting a new concoction!!!
allaboutgeorge: Approval? Cautious. Tentatively so.
cagney841: I can see your lips smacking taking in the flavor!! Like a professional wine taster!!!
allaboutgeorge: *now bumpin’ S. Davis*
allaboutgeorge: “Don’t go to bed/with no price on yo’ head”
cagney841: tell the truth! don’t just repeat what I think. does it work or what.
allaboutgeorge: It’s pretty good.
allaboutgeorge: Not much bass.
allaboutgeorge: So they make good use of the treble
allaboutgeorge: That stop push-pull thing, the subtle tempo shifts
cagney841: old fashioned that way. i didn’t realize there’s little/no bass in it. like i didn’t miss the lack of ‘guitars’ on Kid A
allaboutgeorge: and the horns, strings and windchimes are all balanced.
cagney841: that’s what i’m digging. and the percussion!
allaboutgeorge: guajira, berimbe or something up on there
allaboutgeorge: w/o even being overethnic like
cagney841: exactly!!!
allaboutgeorge: “a lot of folks of all different nationalities and things come up to me and say ‘i dug my grandmother too'”
allaboutgeorge: (I went with the Carnegie Hall 4:25 version)
cagney841: wow– didn’t know about that one.
cagney841: i got the 2 1/2 minute studio version. wow.
allaboutgeorge: Go get the longer one.

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