Sweep at the Audubon Ballroom: … turns up here via a quick pan-and-scan through Google.

A relative of the artist was making a documentary for the movie “Malcolm X” and wanted to film the exterior of the Audubon Ballroom. This is where Malcolm X was assasinated. Instead what they came upon was a huge police action accusing just about everyone in the neigborhood of the solicitation of drugs. The police sweep hauled all pedestrians and residents of the adjacent apartment buildings up to the walls of the Audubon to be frisked. The incident was filmed. At the time, there was talk of that the Audubon and its surroundings would be torn down and the real estate developed.

… as well as a few other things:

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  • The home page for the Laguna Mobilization 2/21 Writers’ Group.
  • A New York Times front page and article from Feb. 22, 1965.
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