Quotes of the day: … one woman’s response and one man’s response noted in a story about a North Carolina physician’s patent for an electronic device that appears to spark orgasms in women.

Meloy, who runs a pain management clinic in Winston-Salem, was treating the patients with an electro-stimulator, a device designed to interrupt pain signals. But when he touched the electrode to a certain point in mid spine, both women experienced a reaction so profound that one told him, “You’re going to have to teach my husband to do that.”

Dr. Elliott Krames, a pain management specialist in San Francisco and editor of the Journal of Neuromodulation, said he has never triggered an orgasmic reaction in 13 years of using electro-stimulators. But he can see how it might be possible. “It’s a normal function for people to have orgasms, it might even be good,” he said, adding, “But I don’t know if insurance companies will pay for it.”

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