So I don’t know much about Brazilian music: … but I’ll know more if I keep visiting this site. And maybe I’ll hear more about this dude’s upcoming project.

Moreno Veloso stands in the vanguard of the new generation of Brazilian singers and composers. While only 27, he has already accomplished many years of touring experience with the likes of Gilberto Gil and his father, the legendary samba poet and founding father of Tropicalismo, Caetano Veloso. |But he had not been recorded in his own group. However, this has been rectified, as Hannibal Records will release his first album, Music Typewriter, this month. Drawing from all aspects of Brazilian music-samba, MPB (musica popular Brasileira), bossa nova and electronica-Music Typewriter wraps these styles in a highly individual sophisticated and contemporary skin. Created by the trio of Moreno on vocals and acoustic guitar together with his friends Alexandre Kassin on electric bass and Domenico Lancelloti on electronic drums and percussion.

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