Cultural biases:Examined here.

Timothy Beneke: As someone who actively studies cultural assumptions of both Asians and Americans, you’re in a unique position to help other people understand their cultural biases. As a Euro-American male, I find it difficult to even acknowledge that I have cultural biases. What are some biases that Euro-Americans are blind to? Kaiping Peng: It’s difficult for anyone to see his cultural biases because they’re so entrenched and habitual. And Euro-Americans are in a dominant position in American culture, so events are less likely to force them to examine their biases. I should say that when I refer to Euro-Americans, I don’t mean people who are literally Euro-Americans but any Americans who have been absorbed into mainstream American culture. So, for example, third or fourth generation Chinese-Americans may have Euro-American biases. In other words, Euro-American biases are not properties of Euro-American individuals but characteristics of the culture.

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