Monthly Archives: February 2001

Shaw ’nuff: … Bernie was the guy my mom figured I should model myself after when I first decided on journalism as a career. I think she’s still a little mad that I didn’t want to be on television. Reese Schonfeld remembers a Bernie story. (via Romenesko)

What was No. 1 the day you were born?: … Go find out. For me here, it was Carole King’s “It’s Too Late.” In the U.K., it was the Middle of the Road’s “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep.”

Hungry for social change?: … If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can help out by dining out at select restaurants in The City. On Thursday, March 1, participating restaurants will donate a portion of their proceeds to support the work of San Francisco Women Against Rape, a grassroots, majority women of […]

Hey, hey, hey!: … OK, OK, I just had to get it out of my system. *naah, naah, naah, gonna have a good time … * Comedian Bill Cosby, whose popularity never stretched to the big screen, will resurrect his “Fat Albert” personality for a live-action feature. The Twentieth Century Fox project will be based […]

A spot for African-American news and views: … is After 7.

Autonomous Post-Materialist: … thy name is George, or so says the survey.

ABC News rOOlz!: … because my favorite anchorman ever gets his props. (I used to listen to him on the radio and see on TV when I was growing up in D.C. Roll over Peter Jennings, and tell Sam Donaldson the news … NEW YORK (Variety) – ABC News has named Derek McGinty anchor of […]

A(ll the) rage in Harlem: … and hell, with Clinton’s luck running the way it is now, he may wind up depressing property values further (irritating already peeved longtime residents). Harlem is in some ways unique because of its history and symbolic importance in black culture, a fact that seems to heighten the response to […]

TV blackout: … Robert F. Moss breaks down America’s must-flee TV. A RECENT episode of “The P.J.’s,” the foam-animated WB series set in the projects, ended with two boys reflecting on the duplicitous ways of their elders. “Promise me we’ll never grow old,” implores the first. The other replies, “The statistics are in our favor.” […]

I spent my Saturday: … in the company of newfound friends.