Monthly Archives: January 2001

Quotes: … George W. Bush goes to church … “He got right into it,” Lewis said later, adding that he had learned only a few days before that Bush would attend the service. “Our intention was just to provide an environment in which he could be spiritually fed,” Lewis said. “He seemed to be relaxed […]

Blackout blues: … and how some of the locals are handling it. Apparently, I’m not as bent out of shape as, say, some real Net slaves. Then again, I haven’t had the power cut out anywhere near me (touch wood). And some slightly better adjusted people (the ones with real lives) are doing their thing […]

I remember Bill Clinton: … the first black president.

Earthquake in India: … and the New York Times can’t decide whether the affected region is in the east … It was that kind of day across much of New York yesterday for Indians from Gujarat, a state in eastern India. … or the west … A devastating earthquake struck India’s western state of Gujarat […]

71 posts in six months: … at Metafilter.

Freaky doings: … at my old junior high school.

Happy birthday: … to Antonio Carlos Jobim.

A-pop is on and poppin’: … So I’ve been caught sleeping on Asian pop music. Should’ve known what was up when I saw this earlier today. Now I’m hunched over my iBook, making my wrist sore punching up Coco Lee and other stuff on Napster. And that other track? Damn catchy — ah, those guitars, […]

Longplayer: … ain’t a piece of vinyl, but a sonic banquet “good to eat a thousand years.”

Sexual orientation as a factor in job hiring?: John Ashcroft, come on down!