Rebecca Walker’s looking for a few good men: Actually, one good one will do.

“My partner has a child and both of us serve as parents. I want to have children, too, and am looking for a donor.”

A donor?

“You know, a daddy donor. I have my eye on a Pakistani man that I met recently. I took one look at him and thought: ‘Yum, I want to have your baby’. But I’m open to other possibilities.”

After all the troubles she has suffered from her own parents’ experimentation with child rearing, you might think she’d proceed with greater caution.

“No, I’m excited about creating a family that can exist in a really diverse world. I was thinking how much fun it would be if I had a child with my Pakistani friend. Just think, the child could go and visit relatives thousands of miles from California.”

Yes, and perhaps also write a memoir some day, recalling in great detail the special challenges of its fashionable, multicultural childhood.

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