Bush has his finger on my power button: … and he knows which way I voted.

Californians feel lambasted, defrauded, and bamboozled by Old Economy “pirate generators” such as (let’s name names here) Reliant Energy, El Paso Energy, Dynegy, Duke Energy, AES, Southern, Calpine, and Enron. But Enron in particular is George W. Bush’s favorite company in the whole wide world. James W. Baker is Enron’s lawyer. The Pirate Generators own Washington. The Information Superhighway is suddenly yesterday’s news, somebody else’s concept, all hype and ozone. The NASDAQ is in the tank, while the utility sector is the new darling of Wall Street. Furthermore, it very much galls the new administration that the homeland of Reagan is currently run by Democrats. An economic crunch in California is the prelude to a political assault from Washington.

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