Finally!: A reason to read the Daily Cal on the regular!

My name is Arian White and no one will take me seriously. Yes, I am an icon. So are you, and our iconography is even more apparent in this “PCU”-like university. I’m black so I’m an athlete. You’re Asian, so you are a foreigner. You are Chicana, so you like lowriders. You’re gay, so you’re sex-crazed. You’re disabled, so you’re incompetent. You’re a woman, so you’re here finding your husband. You’re Indian, so where’s your accent? You are white, so you hate me.

As horrible as it sounds, this type of thought pervades society. These ideals only manifest themselves at Cal because of their prevalence in our greater American society. And as long as such ignorance pervades our society there will eventually be Jews named Adolf, Japanese people named for Manzanar, and blacks named Arian White.

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